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Let Me Introduce Myself

 I'm Leanne Macdonald

I'm on the East Coast of Canada, recently returning home after 14 years in the western provinces.

In that time I've embarked on deep diving into my trauma and discovering the person I always knew was under the rubble. It was the hardest decision I was ever forced to make, as living life on the path I was on was no longer viable.

My search for peace began in 2018, when I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which abruptly turned my life on its head in the best way possible; showing me a way out of the restrictions my limiting beliefs had put on me. I was suddenly living without the chains of shame, embarrassment and fear I had been so tightly bound in.

This trajectory led me to Heartbreath Breathwork in 2020, which further expanded my healing, opening up even more possibility to living at the level I'd been yearning for for decades.

So when the opportunity arose in the spring of 2022 to study to become a Life Coach and Wellness Counsellor, I immediately took it. During that schooling, another dream opportunity came up, and I became a certified Heartbreath Coach. Shortly after that, I embarked on obtaining my EFT certification. 

I am happy to be able to share all of this with you and pass on what I've learned, and guide you in your wellness journey.


"Good things happen to people in the trenches"

Sessions are online, with the option of in-person in the Halifax, NS area.


It is my intention that personal work is accessible to all. If the prices listed are not feasible, please reach out, as there are other options.

What They're Saying

Leanne introduced me to breath work and I have done a few sessions with a tenured practitioner. In my opinion, Leanne was at the same calibre as what I experienced previous to this.  She made me feel so comfortable and secure to release my emotions. I found her pacing to be spot on, I was able to keep up with her breathing and not feel rushed.  I felt transported to another place and had a lot of clarity when I was finished the session.  - Anne

Where to begin when I don't feel that words can describe this phenomenal experience.  From the very start Leanne was friendly, open, honest, compassionate, confident and respectful of me and this breathwork practice was beautifully guided, high quality and I loved the songs during this session.  This will be a practice I use for the rest of my life to help myself heal and calm the noise or anxiety when it is its loudest.   -Natasha 


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